About Us


Growing up in Grass Valley, CA, we found fun, freedom and our best lifelong friends through riding skateboards, dirt bikes and snowboards. We built lifestyles and careers by dedicating ourselves to the exploding sport of snowboarding in the days when anything and everything seemed possible. Storming contests and pioneering certain tricks eventually allowed us to see the world on a sponsor’s dime.

We were lucky. Snowboarding was exceptionally good to us. It gave us focus, purpose, and the means to be successful in future life situations. The REVERT Foundation is a way to honor what snowboarding gave to us and for us to give something back to youth in our community and yours.

– Chris & Monty Roach

Chris and Monty Roach at the 2015 Tom Sims Retro World Snowboarding Championships (photo by: Sean Sullivan)

With continued cuts in public education we need your help more than ever this season in getting the kids on the hill…


Make a donation or purchase stylish soft goods. All donations are secure, simple & tax-deductible and 100% of store profits go toward the program. Style out our logo and feel good about it!

The REVERT Foundation is recognized by the US Internal Revenue Service as a 501c(3) Non-Profit Organization. Your generosity will encourage and inspire youth development by allowing us to share authentic mountain and outdoor experiences. You can view our documentation here.