About Us

We are passionate about making a meaningful impact on the lives of youth, especially those who come from households where snowboarding and other sideways sports (skateboarding and paddle boarding) may not be an option due to financial challenges or the uncertainty of a consistent family structure. By sharing the experiences we had as youth to build a foundation, our mission is to create mentoring opportunities for young people to gain healthy habits, life lesson perspectives, and develop self confidence. The REVERT Foundation is built on the fundamental belief that encouraging and inspiring youth through authentic mountain and outdoor mentoring experiences will contribute positively in lives of the youth we serve.


Make a donation or purchase stylish soft goods. All donations are secure, simple & tax-deductible and 100% of store profits go toward the program. Style out our logo and feel good about it!

The REVERT Foundation is recognized by the US Internal Revenue Service as a 501c(3) Non-Profit Organization. Your generosity will encourage and inspire youth development by allowing us to share authentic mountain and outdoor experiences. You can view our documentation here.