Our Mission

REVERT Foundation’s mission is to encourage and inspire youth development by sharing authentic mountain and outdoor experiences, while engaging in sideways sports. Through participation in snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding, we promote active, healthy lifestyles.


Growing up in Grass Valley, we found fun, freedom, and our best lifelong friends by riding skateboards, dirt bikes, and snowboards. We built lifestyles and careers by dedicating ourselves to the exploding sport of snowboarding in the days when anything and everything seemed possible. We were very lucky; going snowboarding was a given in our young lives, and looking back, we wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything.

While we were carving down slopes, looking for jumps, learning tricks, and cheering on our friends, we were—unknowingly—staying fit, gaining confidence, building self-esteem, and reveling in the wonder of the outdoors. We realized later that by embracing sideways sports, we chose a healthy lifestyle of athleticism, challenge, and appreciation for the outdoors.

REVERT Foundation began with a simple desire—to put more kids on snowboards, on the hill, having a blast, in our own backyard. Essentially, to provide them with the elusive opportunity that we enjoyed. But we know that free lift tickets and borrowed gear only go so far. In order to create lasting change and help many young people travel the path to achieve their full potential, we will need to extend our reach, and offer a variety of programs, across the spectrum of sideways sports, and in as many locations as possible. We will expand our offerings, in the years to come, to include surfing and skateboarding, in communities near and far.

Let us tell you about where and how we would like to begin…


Our mission began with the desire to immerse more kids into the sport of snowboarding. So many young people are unable to enjoy the snowboarding experiences we did; financial hardships, distance, and a disconnection to an athletic, healthy lifestyle all conspire to keep kids indoors, on the couch, unfit, and unmotivated. REVERT Foundation intends to flip that trend, by providing groups of school-age kids with on-snow days of instruction, coaching, inspiration, and fun! Initially, we will coordinate with Nevada County schools, arrange equipment and coaches, provide lift access, and manage logistics to bring these groups to the snow for an unforgettable day of shredding, three to four times per season.


REVERT Foundation will offer scholarship support for rising young talents and high-level competitive athletes. We will identify and assist unique individuals with the skill and motivation to compete on a larger stage, but who may lack the complete support of sponsors or training programs to get there. We will look for opportunities to help young snowboarders reach the summit of their competitive game. These competitors will become ambassadors for the REVERT brand and mission, help us expand our reach, and offer benefits to more youth in more sideways sports.


Snowboarding and skiing have become incredibly expensive and exclusive. The traditional ‘family snow vacation’ is a fading memory—almost a thing of the past—for all but the luckiest and most affluent among us. As kids, we treasured the experience of renting a cabin, gathering up all the snow gear and toys, making the long drive, and having a blast in the snow, as a family unit, and REVERT Foundation will endeavor to bring it back. Modeled after our Youth Program, the Family Program will identify and engage entire families, lacking the means or opportunity to enjoy a family day on the snow.


REVERT Foundation wants to be the catalyst for meaningful change within the snow/resort industry and across the country. Bringing youths and families to the resort for a day of riding and fun are the experiences we will provide, but they only become sweet memories if they cannot be repeated. Our goal is to create lasting, meaningful programs, and incentives with as many resort town partners as possible. REVERT Foundation will seek new resort town partners who want to embrace our mission, and bring new riders to their slopes in droves.

We envision REVERT programs—modeled after our Grass Valley/Tahoe Pilot Program—in places as diverse as Winter Park/CO, Hunter Mountain/NY, Burlington/VT, Mammoth/CA, and Jackson/WY. We will endeavor to find our perfect partners to bring the REVERT mission to fruition in locations such as these, and many more.


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The REVERT Foundation is recognized by the US Internal Revenue Service as a 501c(3) Non-Profit Organization and all donations are tax deductible. Your generosity will encourage and inspire youth development by allowing us to share authentic mountain and outdoor experiences. You can view our documentation here.

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