Loved it. Best days of my life! Foam pits, get out of here. Trampolines! I learned how to snowboard. Can I do it again?


Revert is a wonderful opportunity. I would never have gotten to snowboard otherwise and I really enjoy snowboarding. It’s an experience everyone should have at least once. Revert brings kids an opportunity that’s special which most kids would not have without revert. It’s an amazing experience and super fun. I would recommend to anyone and everyone.

It is my pleasure to recommend the revert foundation snowboarding program. 

My two daughters, ages 9 and 11, we’re privileged to participate in the program in January 2017. They had not had the opportunity to snowboard before. This program was an excellent first experience for them. Not only was the program educational, but they had so much fun! Their confidence was given a boost. It is definitely an experience they will remember fondly for the rest of their lives. 

I am so grateful to revert foundation for including my children in this program and without a doubt would recommend it to anyone. 

Thank you.

Chloe (parent)

Dear Chris and Jonelle,

Thank you for this awesome snowboarding camp. It was a very special experience that I enjoyed a lot. My favorite part was the wave pool terrain park. I learned so much and I think I’ll be snowboarding a lot more now.

P.S. Thanks for the veggie wraps.


On behalf of my daughter, Brynn-Lake  I would like to express my appreciation and admiration for the REVERT program helping children to learn the sport of snowboarding.

This was such a professional, well organized program. My daughter had always wanted to participate in this sport but we could not afford lessons and the cost to have her go. This allowed her the chance to learn something new and she benefited from it socially, physically, and mentally. The instructor was amazing and the Woodward Facility it took place at was highly efficient.

I was so surprised that by the time she was finished that she had such a great knowledge and skill in snowboarding from those lessons.

Thank you for giving her the opportunity to experience and participate in this program! It truly opened her eyes up and was such a boost for her.

thank you!


Revert Foundation is an awesome program. It helped me to learn how to snowboard. I had a fun time. If it wasn’t for Revert, I still would be begging to snowboard and irritating my mom and dad. Now I will have something fun to do every winter break.
Thanks Revert!

I am very thankful to Revert Foundation for letting me be a part of their program. I was able to get Learn to not fall, so when I went snowboarding it was easier for me. Being able to be on the slopes kept me busy so that way I could stay out of trouble. I was able to learn fun tricks and how to not be scared using the lifts. It was also nice to be up building to each other in our group.

Coach Nestor was really nice and helpful.

Thank you Revert!


Revert foundation gave my children the opportunity of a lifetime. They were able to build friendships with kids in their group as they learned not just how to snowboard, but how to snowboard safely, use the lifts properly and how respect other snowboarders and skiers on the mountain. The coach they were able to utilize was very patient and kind to the children and parents. If it wasn’t for the Revert Foundation, my kids still would be begging to learn how to snowboard. They opened my kids eyes to a whole new winter sport which will keep them out of trouble and off the couch playing video games while the weather is cold.

As they grow into their teenage years, they now have positive reinforcement backing them to reach for their goals at trying something new.

Thank you Revert!

Chelsea (parent)


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